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About Us
none W.B. Arnold Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of specialized products and services exclusive for shipboard and pier installations.

The company was established on April 1, 1958 and maintains offices in Riverdale, New Jersey and Novato, California. All of our sales personnel are maritime academy graduates with sea going experience.

We represent a broad range of U.S. and overseas manufacturers who supply custom engineered products and OEM spares to the highest regulatory standards.

The marine industry has always been a prominent means of transporting goods. Although advancements in trucks, trains and planes have made these means of shipment very popular, shipping is still the leader in import and export around the world. Many items are unable to be shipped by planes, and the increasing costs have not made it economical. Mr. Arnold saw this dependence on the marine industry, as well as foreign suppliers need for domestic representation. Hence out of his garage he created W.B. Arnold, which specializes in anything pertaining to the marine industry. Mr. Arnold passed the company on to his Son-in-law Hugh Morgan, who in turn sold the company to it's current owner Kenneth Boschert. Ken bought the company in April of 2001 and has stood fast to the vision that Mr. Arnold started with.

W. B. Arnold is a small business comprised of about 7 employees, who are dedicated to the satisfaction and happiness of our customers. As well as continuing strong ties with our manufacturers. Give us a call and we will do our best to find the product you need, and get it to you in a timely fashion.

Our Founder William B. Arnold